Leslie Hudson is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Stratford ON who’s been writing songs for 30 years. Her music is a tapestry of piano-led rock, folk, metal, Irish, and blues styles, heavily influenced in the 90s by the debut albums of female solo artists with unique sonic identities. With 10 solo albums ranging from mythic storytelling to bluesy bar rock to dialed-up, full-band homages to pop culture, she’s proving inspiration can come from anywhere when she puts the story first. 

With 2 full album releases in 2020, this award-winning songwriter is taking full advantage of life off the road. Her 9th album, Keep Left at the Fork, tells a 13-song story of her journey into a brand-new life as a performer, with stirring vocals, lyrical piano and chocolatey cello. It’s a love-letter to the 6-month inaugural international tour she took through 48 states and 3 provinces in 2017. Her most recent release, the StorySinger set: Live in Germany, is her first live album, recorded in Wernigerode at her 2018 CONtrapunkt Guest of Honour concert. It’s the closest you can get to hearing her live, with 18 tracks of songs and the stories she tells that inspired them. 

Since 2013, Leslie has performed across Canada & the US, at conventions, cafes, pagan shops, house concerts, and other venues, from Philly to Seattle, from Winnipeg to Albuquerque, from Canada all the way to Germany. Over the past 5 years she’s shared tours and tour legs with S. J. Tucker, Betsy Tinney, The PDX Broadsides, Treading Bleu, and Cathy McManamon, and shared shows with Tricky Pixie, The Blibbering Humdingers, Alexander Quail, Martin Rouleau, Lorne Allan, Random Fractions, The Honey Badgers, Whiskey Epiphany, and so many more at showcases and conventions across Canada and the US. She’s been a returning guest host on the Geek Hard Radio Show, a performer for geek comedy variety shows Geek Hard Live and Holodeck Follies, and with Andrew Young she co-hosted the podcast, Don’t Make Me Watch That. 

Wearing pagan, geek, filk, bar, and other eclectic hats when it suits her message, she performs almost exclusively original material. For years she also performed in duos (Sinderella; Copy Red Leader), and in a cover band (Pent Up), and during that time played at science fiction and fandom conventions, released 2 albums with Copy Red Leader, and with her bandmate, Devin Melanson, co-wrote Iocane Power, a 20-song rock musical of The Princess Bride. Her album release shows have been known to turn into 7- to 10-piece rock band extravaganzas, and collaborations on stage and off led to her releasing 5 solo albums in 2 years. 

Creating projects as divergent as her influences, she’s written about everything from heartbreak to holodecks, assassins to acceptance. By way of international songwriting challenges (FAWM; 50/90; Song-a-week) she’s written and co-written metal, 90s rock, trance, electro, bluegrass, classical, folk, Celtic traditional, blues, lounge, musical theatre, shoegaze, and country songs, giving birth to her eclectic concept albums and passion for crossing boundaries. Over the past 3 years she has toured almost non-stop back and forth across the country, to bring her own unique blend of storytelling and musical performance to pagan, geek, and café audiences from coast to coast. Her songs shine a spotlight on characters of strength who struggle, and women who do things their own way. 

Following a successful first crowdfunding campaign in 2019, and 8 months on the road, even without the pandemic she plans to stay close to home for 2020. Shifting her focus back to writing and continuing to work on her next projects, she’s staying connected to her fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon, which offers a blend of music, the magic arts, research, and creative writing to her Patrons. Her new songwriting blog, The Chrysalis, shares songwriting tips every Friday, and her mailing list subscribers will never miss a post. With a voice that cuts through the crowd, Leslie Hudson is writing songs that dive deep into archetype and folklore, modernizing ancient voices, to shine a spotlight on the paths women walk through life, myth, and media.

[Leslie Hudson] seeks to get under the skin of [her] characters, probe their fictitious souls and, through the raw power of her music, to make them flesh-and-blood, to honor them with real human angst. And the results are nothing short of spectacular.” - Daniel Jun Kim

— Pop Mythology

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Con Concerts

Guest of Honour

  • 2022 Longplay (Grantham UK) - International GoH
  • 2019 Conflikt (Seattle WA)  
  • 2019 Myths & Legends Con (Denver CO) - Music GoH 
  • 2018 ContraPunkt (Wernigerode GERMANY)  
  • 2018 FilKONtario (Toronto ON)

Special Guest

  • 2019 SpiritCon (Layton UT) - Special Music Guest
  • 2017 FenCon (Dallas TX) - Special Music Guest 
  • 2017 Consonance (San Jose CA) -Interfilk Guest
  • 2017 GAFilk (Atlanta GA) - ConCom Choice
  • 2016 FilKONtario (Toronto ON) - The Redhead League CD Release Show 
  • 2016 OryCon (Portland OR) - Friends of Filk Guest


  • Ad Astra (Toronto ON) 
  • Archon (Collinsville IL)
  • ChamBanaCon (Normal IL)
  • Conflikt (Seattle WA) 
  • Confluence - Copy Red Leader (Mars PA) 
  • EerieCon (Buffalo NY) 
  • FilKONtario (Toronto ON)
  • Ohio Valley Filk Festival (Columbus OH) 
  • WindyCon (Chicago IL)


2018 Best Writer/Composer Pegasus Award 

2017 OVFF Songwriting Competition Audience Choice Winner for "Wicked Sings" 

2016 Best Performer Pegasus Nomination 

Copy Red Leader 

2014 Best Performer Pegasus Nomination 

2014 Aurora Awards Fan Music Nomination

2013 Penguin Award Contest Winner for "Meet Me at the Penguin"

House Concerts

Athens GA, Aurora CO, Bridgeton MO, Buffalo NY, Cary NC, Chicago IL, Jersey City NJ, Kingston ON, Milwaukee WI, Minneapolis MN, Newark DE, Redmond WA, Seattle WA, Stoughton WI, Stratford ON, and Winnipeg MB

Favourite Venues

Pagan & Spiritual

  • Bella's Grove (Boise ID)
  • Curious Goods (Lawton OK)
  • Danville UUCC (Danville IN)
  • High Plains UU Church (Colorado Springs CO)
  • Life Force Arts (Chicago IL)
  • Living Earth House (Denver CO)
  • Logan St Sanctuary (Noblesville IN)
  • Neshoba UU Church (Cordova TN)
  • Ohana's Sanctuary (Coeur D'Alene ID)
  • Raven's Wing Magical Co (Portland OR)
  • Sidhehaven (Yelm WA)
  • The Hidden Sage (Sunset UT)
  • UU Fellowship of Fayetteville (Fayetteville AR)

Bars, Cafes & Galleries

  • Cafe Bohemia (Plano TX)
  • Door FiftyFive (Port Credit ON)
  • Homegrown Cafe (Newark DE)
  • Malelani Cafe Mt Airy (Philadelphia PA)
  • SoulFoodCoffeeHouse (Redmond WA)
  • The Moonshine Cafe (Oakville ON)
  • Tortuga Gallery (Albuquerque NM)

Festivals & Showcases

  • Music Under The Trees (Redmond WA)
  • The G33K Art Show - Copy Red Leader (Kitchener ON)
  • Winterfolk (Toronto ON)